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About L'Atelier Shakespeare

L’Atelier Shakespeare is a theater group and arts collective founded in 2022 by Kevin Curran, professor of English literature at the University of Lausanne and founding president of the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival, which ran from 2015 to 2022. The mission of L’Atelier Shakespeare is to foster the creation of Shakespearean performances on the university campus, in the city of Lausanne, and throughout the Suisse Romande. We work in both French and English and we take the terms “Shakespearean” and “performance” in their broadest possible senses to include a wide range of media and theatrical forms. L’Atelier Shakespeare encourages experimentation and adaptation, and it welcomes collaborators with a variety of creative interests, from acting and directing to music, dance, translation, sound, and design. An important principle at the center of all our projects is that Shakespeare’s works are not sacred relics to be recovered or preserved, but rather living organisms that are dynamic and ever-changing, open to the world and full of unrealized possibilities. They are starting points – invitations to question, experiment, think, explore, and create. 


A fundamentally collaborative entity, L’Atelier Shakespeare also actively seeks partnerships with other associations, programs, and events at the University of Lausanne, as well as with festivals and institutions in the city and the region at large. Finally, L’Atelier Shakespeare has an academic counterpart in Kevin Curran’s undergraduate course, “The Shakespeare Workshop,” in which students design and perform short theatrical adaptations as part of a semester-long exploration of the links between creative and critical thinking.

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